“Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)”
Walt Whitman, Song of Myself 

“Good things are coming.”
Mr. Cheezle, as played by Kevin Nealon – Grandma’s Boy (2006)


Little Tokyo, Little Manila, Little Italy, Chinatown. These dynamic enclaves make up the beating heart of our steel metropolis, offering a glance into something new: midnight yakitori, neon-washed sake underground, the glimmer of a fresh rind cheese and the back alley bustle of hand-pulled noodles steeped in steam and beef fat. Little Brooklyn celebrates this spirit and the characters behind it across the world, highlighting local cuisines, traditions, chefs, producers and creators in our backyard and yours with a good bit of fun thrown in. Welcome to Little BK. Good things are coming.

– Joe and Jordan